Professional installation

EcoGreen offers professional Artificial Grass installation at an additional cost. Our trained staff will ensure your Artificial Grass is installed properly and looking at its very best.

Sit back and relax while your backyard is transformed into an evergreen, pristine landscape, which is low-maintenance and water-saving.

Contact us to arrange an obligation free quote.

DIY installation

DIY Synthetic Grass Installation can save you some money. But we only reccomend this to people if they have a good idea of Levels, Drainage & Base works. We have been called to fix many DIY jobs where the existing synthetic grass had been ruined due to incorrect base works ,Drainage & installation. This can be a costly venture as we basically need to Start from scratch and dispose of the existing synthetic grass. Installation onto tiles and concrete are much easier as generally there is little to no base works required. The key is having the right preparation. All materials can be purchased from us at wholesale price and delivery is available, contact us for a price.


Prior to purchasing your Artificial Turf you will need or to have organized the following

Turf Cutter (to dig up existing lawn if Applicable)


Concrete Rake

Plate compactor ( To compact road base and crusher dust )

Kiln Dried Sand ( for Grass infill once laid )

A Drop Spreader ( evenly Spreads out sand )

Spray mark ( for mapping out how your going to layout grass )

Stanley Knife with Spare Blades ( To cut in and cut runs )

Tape Measure ( Measuring length of each run )

Crusher Dust ( for base works )

Level, Screed Bar, Soil Spreader ( for base works )

Adhesive trowel ( for Gluing seams )

Synthetic Grass Adhesive ( for Gluing seams

Fibreglass Tape ( for gluing seams )

Grass Roller ( Rolling seams )

Hammer and Grass Pins ( for securing edges )


It is recommended to use concreted glue edges for high traffic areas or areas prone to trip hazzards